Project Description

Non-invasive glucose monitoring

Non-invasive glucose meter for diabetics. Quick, cheap & painless

Today, diabetics must carry out a “finger prick” test as part of their blood glucose level management. Many diabetics fail to do so even once for a number of reasons: pain avoidance, disliking the sight of blood, cost of the test strips, the test protocol and the risk of infection. Our solution is a non-invasive glucose monitor that will allow people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels in a quick and painless manner, for a low price. When using normal Raman Spectroscopy very little light undergoes Raman scattering, therefore high integration times are required to achieve a usable signal-to-noise ratio.

Key features

  • Accurate and painless glucose monitoring without damaging the skin
  • Measurement within 10 minutes
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
non-invasive glucose meter

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