Project Description

Dive Alert

Alert your dive buddies in case of emergency

2M Engineering has developed and patented a divers alarm to provide divers with a safer diving experience. Divers alarm offers a completely new way of increasing diving safety. The divers alert watch has a special emergency button. When pressed a alarm signal in form of sound and light can be heard over large distances (up to 30m) so that other divers can be alerted in case of emergency. Exact specifications can still be modified. The same watch can when using a pressure sensor also be used to guide beginners how to ascend and gives an alarm when a set maximum depth is exceeded.

Key features

  • Underwater sound & light alarm hearable over long distances.
  • Possible to add pressure sensor to support ascend and guard maximum depth limit.
  • Waterproof, low power solution.
  • Log alarms and depth profile.
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity for sending essential (compressed) information to smartphone / cloud.
Divers Alert - Emergency alarm for divers