Project Description

Contactless temperature monitor – medical device

Accurately measures human body temperature

2M is creating a contactless temperature monitor. This medical device accurately measures human body temperature over a range of 30-50cm. Our partner BeWell will integrate this sensor product in their health kiosks.

ClassIIa medical product

The sensor combines multiple sensors to achieve the required accuracy. The contactless temperature monitor will be a Class IIa medical product.

Current status

Currently the alpha prototype has been created and verification measurements have been executed. De alpha prototype is integrated in the health kiosk for hospital installation for the validation test with patients.

Technical Specifications

  • Application: contactless temperature monitoring in humans. Humans are stationary during the temperature measurement.
  • Measurement distance: 10-40cm
  • Temperature range: 34oC and 43oC
  • Accuracy: ±0.8oC at a distance of 20cm.


BeWell Innovations, 2M Engineering

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