A Physical Activity Monitor That Recognizes Your Activities

Activ8 consists of an intelligent physical activity monitor combined with the Activ8 personal online dashboard. The user friendly Activ8 activity tracker is a small and lightweight device that reliably recognizes your activity patterns and accurately tracks your energy consumption. Via the personal dashboard Activ8 gives your clear insight into your daily activities. Small changes in your daily routine can already have great impact on your overall health.

Activ8 Activity Tracker

How Activ8 Works

Activ8 consists of a small pocket-sized activity tracker that accurately determines your energy consumption and recognizes activity patterns. Your personal online Activ8 dashboard provides powerful insights into your daily activities, revealing that simple changes to your daily routine can have a big impact on your health.

Activ8 Cloud storage


Activ8 Dashboard


Activ8 Bluetooth Smart & iOS/Android App


Personal Coaching

Activ8 Personal Coaching provides a personal plan to work towards a more active lifestyle. Certified lifestyle professionals remotely monitor your activity scores. Based on these insights your personal coach gives advice to step by step improve your daily routine fitting your lifestyle.

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Research Validation

Erasmus Medical Center



Platform For Remote Lifestyle Coaching

The Activ8 plaform enables lifestyle coaches, dietitians, physiotherapists and others to coach people remotely. Focus is on:

  • Movement, physical activity
  • Food
  • Mental aspects of behavioral change

This enables activity programs to be more fun, more engaging, more fact based while requiring less time.

O.E.M. Activity Tracker

Add activity monitoring to your offering. We can easily customize user interface, product design or incorporate additional requirements. The data interface is open and measurement data is immediately accessible when the Activ8 recorder is plugged in the PC. Wireless connected versions using BT4.0 Low Energy are also available on request.

Game Developer

The Activ8 activity tracker is easy to integrate using our API. You create your client interface or serious game, we handle everything else, including client security, data download, firmware upgradability, data storage and so on. Get instant access to advanced and validated activity recognition and calorie  information for use in your platform.

Clinical Trails & Research

Accurate Measurement Of Movement Behaviour & Energy Consumption.
Activ8 accurately measures typical body postures and motions (lying, sitting, standing, walking, cycling, running) and calculates related energy consumption. Measurements are first stored on the device and can be downloaded and viewed using the standalone pc application or uploaded to the cloud. Recordings can be enriched with relevant context information for other sources like smartphones.