Medical Device Development

2M Engineering non diagnostic medical device development includes researching, prototyping, development, certifying and manufacturing healthcare products matching requirements of user and customer. We have a solid track record for a wide range of medical products involving product research, development, product management and/or industrialization. This enables us to make a practical translation of your idea into a solution that works, is easy to use, is medically certified and is producible.



  • Measure, record or stream biomechanical parameters using state-of-the-art wireless connectivity and storage solutions
  • Biochemical solutions: bloodcentrifuge, plateletcounter
  • Custom (photonics) opto-electronic, laser & sensor development: non invasive glucose monitoring
  • Exceeding patient and customer requirements


  • Activity, Posture & 3D Motion
  • ECG, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability
  • Respiration
  • Galvanic Skin Response
  • Blood Related Parameters Like Glucose Levels
  • Weight, BodyFat
  • Blood Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Person Detection & Identification
  • Cancer Detection

Medical Device trends

With the convergence of technologies across industries and disciplines, medical healthcare innovation is poised like never before to provide better solutions to physicians, better value to health care payers and better health for people everywhere. To that end, we are creating mobile health and point of care solutions that will dramatically improve how diseases are managed.
Consumer technologies like mobile devices plus smarter medical devices plus greater interest in personal health will bring about a revolution in how medicine is practiced and how medical innovation is delivered. Imagine, as we have, your smartphone serving as your personal mobile health dashboard, aggregating physiologic data such as heart rate, posture, motion and glucose levels, providing real-time insight into what is going on in your body. Now consider expanding that access to that same real time data to your physician or caregiver, enabling him or her to quickly intervene in the critical moments that can sometimes make the difference between life and death.
That’s the motivation behind our focus in chronic disease management, finding new ways to work across the innovation ecosystem to make this technology widely available. Convergence and innovation has given us the building blocks to make this possible today. What remains is overcoming the “final frontier” of barriers — technological, cultural, social and political. 2M Engineering works on realizing such medical solutions on a daily basis.