Medical Device Development

We create innovative medical devices as we believe these products can support and improve people’s health. With our medical device development services, we focus on solutions that prevent people from becoming ill or increase the effect of medical treatment and pharmaceutics. Medical devices that are used in hospitals, clinics or even at home.

End-2-end medical device development

2M creates complete end-2-end medical devices including all software and algorithms required. We develop from concept to prototype to product based on the requirements of our clients.

Medical device certification

Our services include device certification (CE-IVD, 2a, 2b), industrialization and production.

Medical wearables and PoC solutions

We create medical wearables, complete (sensing) Point of Care solutions or user interface and control modules. 2M has extensive knowhow in Smart Photonics solutions.

Contact 2M if you are interested to learn out it 2M can be of assistance for your medical device development.

Create medical devices for our clients that

Point of Care Devices

We see a strong trend in patient care and support moving from the traditional hospital environment closer to the patient at home. Many of the development projects we support this trend towards a decentralized better quality of care.


Automated cell platelet counter

Example PC100 Platelet Counter

  • Easy to use PoC device
  • Fast, accurate & validated
  • Count in whole blood and PRP using a single drop of blood
  • Certification: CE-IVD, FDA pending
  • Biochemics combined with smart imaging and feature extraction
  • Roadmap: early diagnosis & prevention of cardiovascular problems

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Smart Photonics

We believe in the power of photonic and optical imaging solution for blood, tissue and cell diagnostics.

We have extensive experience with many optical sensing techniques including fiber optics smart laser & sensing technologies for medical devices.


fluorescent measurement techniques, custom lasers, fiber optics and fiber-bragg gratings, Raman spectroscopy and camera based image processing. Research: OCT, MSOT, MPM, SERDS.

2M’s role

2M’s role is to bridge the medical application and photonic technology. We focus on the application, creation of proof of concept demonstrator, prototype creation & validation.  Miniaturization and industrialization for volume production is on request.

Edocal photonic sensor device for early cancer detection

Example Early cancer detection using auto fluorescence

  • Mouth & throat cancer
  • Multiple wavelength lasers and LEDs
  • Single illumination and sensing fiber
  • Data analysis & algorithm development by 2M
  • Spot localization system
  • Clinical trial completed