Innovative Sensor Product Creation

2M creates sensor products & solutions for currently unmet needs. We bring ideas from concept to commercial product.

Automated cell platelet counter

Medical Devices

Point of Care Solution, Photonics

2M creates medical devices. Including device certification (CE-IVD, 2a, 2b), industrialization and production. Complete (sensing) Point of Care solutions or user interface and control modules. 2M has extensive knowhow in smart photonics solutions.


Medical, E-health & Sport

We create wearable sensing solutions for a wide range of applications and medical conditions. 2M is experienced in most body sensors, low power design, connectivity, (embedded) signal processing algorithms and miniaturization.

Industrial Sensor Solutions

Harsh environments, IoT Solutions

We build new industrial sensor using existing or fully new sensor principles so that the sensors can withstand the harsh industrial conditions. Also experienced in creation of IoT sensor products and modules for industrial applications.

2M takes responsibility for the complete technical solution.
We always strive for partnerships for the commercialization.

Experienced in industrial & medical device certification

2M has extensive knowhow of industrial ATEX certification and medical device certification (CE-IVD, 1m, 2a, 2b). With current changes in (medical) certification and regulatory requirements it is important to take certification and risk management already in consideration early during product research & development. 2M can assist or take the complete responsibility in quality management systems, product certification and regulatory from early stage up to commercial product.

Custom Sensor Development

2M creates products using existing sensor, however existing sensors do not always exist or fit the product requirement specifications. In such cases when the business case allows a custom sensor needs to be developed.

The team of 2M has a long track-record in creation of inventing new sensors and measurement solutions for a wide range of applications including high-end machine industry, automotive, medical & consumer products.

2M takes the requirements into account and proposes the best sensing principle for the specific case. In close co-operation with the client the sensor is step by step created.