Sensor Product Creation

2M Engineering is specialized in sensor product creation. Here you find an overview of the various products 2M created that followed the research – development – prototype – product path. 2M focuses on industrial sensors, advanced medical devices, wearables and sports monitoring solutions. 2M Engineering has a technology and product creation focuses. The business creation and market development is typically done via partnerships.

Industrial Sensors

2M Engineering creates high-tech industrial sensor systems with and for industrial clients. 2M can take care of the whole traject from initial concept and development to production & certification of the end-result. More about Industrial Sensor Solutions…

Medical devices

2M creates innovative medical devices that improve quality of life and healthcare. Solutions that fit the patient and meet requirements of our clients. 2M Engineering has build up experience with a wide range of body sensors and sensor principles, which allows us to turn almost any idea into a practical, usable, and producible solution. More on medical devices…

Wearables & Sports

2M creates products with one or multiple body, motion or activity sensors. 2M has a strength in embedded software and signal processing, which allows advanced functions within the wearable device. 2M has also experience with wireless connectivity, cloud storage and smartphone app creation to offer a complete solution.