IR Temperature screening machines

Temperature screening machines – a complete non-invasive screening process for a safe environment.        

Today – especially during a pandemic – businesses require self-service technology to check customers and visitors for “at risk” temperatures at the point of admittance. Temperature sensors can be integrated into non-touch entry access systems to provide exactly this. These screening solutions offer efficient elevated temperature screening. To measure people’s temperature, the system is equipped with a thermal sensor with spatial resolution.

How do IR temperature Kiosks work?

The screening system identifies the forehead and measures its maximum temperature. The thermographic camera and related system software provide a scan with accuracy of ± 0.5°C. The system software provides the actual temperature data and determines whether temperature status is “not elevated ” or “elevated”. The elevated status threshold would generally be set at 100.4°F, per CDC guidelines. The operator then has the appropriate information to either enact secondary screening measures or grant entry based on facility protocols and policies. Based on an internal threshold, it can immediately be decided whether a person might have a fever. If so, the person should be rechecked with common forehead thermometers for better accuracy.

Temperature Screening Machines

Integration of IR temperature screening machines

This type of solution can be placed anywhere from Office Buildings, schools, amusement parks and public institutions to General Hospitals & Medical facilities. It can be integrated with access control systems, and give off audible or visual cues, or block off physical entry. A key benefit of this approach is a reduced risk of infection. Measurements don’t require close physical contact and the approach is more hygienic than thermometers that require physical contact. This also reduces costly and time-consuming contamination cleanup efforts. 

IR temperature screening Devices are safer and more efficient

Businesses or public buildings can give employees and visitors the confidence of knowing everything is being done to protect them, whilst ensuring visitors that they are among people that aren’t displaying symptoms. A temperature screening capability of just a few seconds per person per device means fast results for large numbers of people. Multiple devices can be installed in the same room to increase capacity. The solution also works when people are wearing masks. Safer and more efficient than using a human resource to screen temperatures.

In short, our IR screening kiosks allow fast measurements of large numbers of without long lines and delays, and because there is no direct contact with the measurement system transmission of infections is avoided.

It is, however, vital that the system is operated properly, in line with all relevant procedures and guidelines. Readings are generally less accurate than those made with an ear thermometer or forehead thermometer, so secondary screening of suspected positives is vital.

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