Ambulatory wheelchair activity monitoring solution being beta tested

2M has created together with Rijndam rehabilitation center in Rotterdam a special version of the Activ8 activity monitoring (see solution. This ambulatory wheelchair activity monitoring solution is currently being beta tested with patients and physiotherapists. Ambulatory wheelchair activity monitoring solution with activity recognition The solution consists of two activity monitors: one unit is mounted …

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Photonic Endoscope for better bladder cancer treatment – doctors and engineers develop together

Photonic Endoscope for better bladder cancer treatment DTU and Frederiksberg Hospital are heading a European research project, where engineers and medical doctors develop new instruments for detecting bladder cancer for example a photonic endoscope for better bladder cancer treatment. The concept may provide faster and better treatment and large savings for hospitals. Over the next five …

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Senior Step – fall prevention research for healthy ageing publication

Kim Bongers PhD at the department of geriatric medicine, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands is in the last phases of her research about the predictive value of gait speed and maximum step length for falling in community-dwelling older persons. This is part of  a bigger theme: fall prevention research for healthy ageing. 2M Engineering supported her research …

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Thombospin LTA point of care device project granted by OP-Zuid

Thrombospin LTA point of care device is an innovation project for automated and fully integrated platelet centrifuging, separation and function testing using the LTA technique in one point of care device.  This project has been granted funding by OPZuid. Read more about the Thrombospin project… Partners: 2M Engineering, FOCE, Maastricht University, Keytec

In the newspaper: laser instead of needle for diabetics (in Dutch)

The full article: Eindhovens Dagblad – Valkenswaard – Good news for diabetics that do not like to prick themselves to determine their bloodglucose levels. 2M Engineering works on a development of an instrument for diabetics to measure their blood glucose values with a laserpen instead of a needle. 2M Engineering received a 50k EURO grant …

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