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Embedded Software Engineer

Internships & graduation projects

We continuously have interesting & challenging assignments for master students. Create prototypes for the next generation sensor products for sports, e-health, medical and industrial IoT applications. 
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Our areas of interest

2M is a technology company. We create products for medical and industrial applications. All people within 2M have a technical background. 2M is a balanced team of highly skilled professionals with complementing product creation skills and backgrounds. We are always on the lookout of top talents in the areas of:

  • (Embedded) software engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Electrical engineering (analog and digital)
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry

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Working at the front lines of medical and industrial sensor solutions

2M Engineering is a high-tech SME that creates innovative sensor products for healthcare, industry and sports. With a team of 15 professionals 2M realizes complete products including industrialization and production. We work mostly B2B for companies, start-ups, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and research & educational organizations. 2M is based in Valkenswaard, near Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

Projects & products

2M is a technology company; a project organization in which a number of projects run in parallel. These projects are in different stages of development and vary in complexity. Multi-disciplinary teams that work on each project vary between 1-5 people based on what is needed at that specific moment in time. People that thrive at 2M can handle these dynamics, are good in their jobs and are passionate about technology and creating innovative products. We work from idea to proof of concept, alpha and beta prototype to (medically) certified and industrialized product.

Our team

Within 2M people get a lot of freedom to organize their own work. Management is kept to a minimum and mostly focused to keep the developments on track. We tend to keep meetings short but effective. We have a balanced team with different backgrounds and experience levels. Most people have a master degree in technical engineering, like to work together and want to deliver results that add true value to people’s and patients lives.

Your profile 

You will thrive in our fast-paced environment if you are highly organized and able to multitask. Flexible thinking, adaptability to change and comfort with ambiguity are hallmarks of successful people on our team. A proven ability to work seamlessly with others is required to acclimate quickly to our culture. We highly value your analytical mind and problem-solving skills, and expect a stellar attention to detail. Willingness to constantly learn and expand your scope and capabilities.