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Jobs & Internships

Exciting Jobs For Engineers At The Front Lines Of Technology

We offer exciting jobs for engineers that about the start their career or already have experience for people that want to work on the front lines of technology innovation and product development. We’re constantly looking for people who deliver results, things that work. People with confidence in their own capabilities, not afraid to learn new things and ambitious to help building 2M Engineering as a company. Working at 2M Engineering requires a start-up mentality: self-starting, self-learning, frequent unforeseen challenges and in no time you will get quite some responsibilities and impact on running businesses. We believe an ideal learning environment for ambitious engineers who enjoy a challenge.

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Open Positions

We continuously have really cool assignments for university level engineers in the fields of software (embedded, web, smartphone, signal processing) & electronics. Our assignments are always aimed at really creating something tangible with a clear purpose in mind. We like to prototype, so if you like that too please contact us. We can shape assignments such that it fits the requirements of your school or university. Think it will be too easy? We are flexible and can always increase the challenge. Let’s not just make prototypes, make products!

Our Areas Of Interest

The following areas always have our special interest:

  • Electronics
  • Software/Firmware
  • (Bio)Mechanics
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry

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