UPRIGHT rider – horse riding posture support


horse riding posture support

The UPRIGHT rider is a small sensor device that is worn on the chest. It gives instant tactile or auditive feedback in case of a wrong posture. You and/or your trainer can follow your posture in real time on a smartphone or afterwards by reading out the measurement results. This way you can get objective information about your training that you can use to improve yourself and your posture over time.


Your position in the saddle affects your horse’s ability to move freely. It also affects your safety, and how you’ll feel during and after your ride.  If you sit back too far or brace in your stirrups, you’ll risk aches and pains at the end of your ride. You also won’t be in a balanced position to react and maintain your balance if your horse spooks or makes an unexpected step.

If your legs and feet aren’t in the correct position, you may find it difficult to walk once you dismount. Worse, you’ll make your horse work harder than he would if you rode correctly.  UPRIGHT rider helps you to identify the common position flaws while riding and provide useful feedback that can be used to correct — or avoid — such problems so you and your horse can hit the trails with comfort and balance. Slight adjustments in your alignment can help you ride smoothly and reduce the impact to both you and your horse.