Sleep & Activity Trackers

2M develops, certifies and produces custom sleep & activity trackers for research, clinical use, rehabilitation and sport applications.

Our focus is on wearable sensor products & smart algorithms but we take responsibility for the complete technical solution including cloud, web and apps.

Custom sleep & activity trackers 

Our technology team works closely together with medical researchers, therapists and patients to understand & enrich the application, translate it into a concept and create and test the first solutions with patients. When proven successful these prototypes can be turned into medical certified products.

Go for the best products

We believe that a true cooperation between the medical field and technology is essential to realize lasting, value add solutions for patients and the overall healthcare system.

Sleep & Activity Trackers and sensors
Example: Activ8 activity trackers

Solutions for sleep & sleep tracking

Raw data loggers

High-resolution activity and sleep trackers that capture and store raw sensor values for offline or online processing.

Data Loggers

Data Loggers reduce the data rate by clever compression and preprocessing resulting in longer battery lifes, less memory and faster more responsive solutions.

Smart tracking solutions

Solutions optimized for a specific application with specialized embedded software and algorithms to turn raw measurement data into essential information.

Projects & examples