Shoe Insole Sensor – Pressure, Shear Force, 9DOF

FootSense is a smart shoe insole sensor for measuring absolute pressure and shear forces at one or multiple locations under the foot. Shear force is measured in 2 directions. Absolute pressure can be measured at individual locations or integrated over the total surface. Information can be locally stored or directly streamed to a smartphone using Bluetooth Smart or low energy le were it can be visualized or automatically uploaded to the cloud for further processing.

The FootSense is only a few millimeters thick and can be fitted into most shoes or depending on application or requirements  be fully integrated within the shoe. FootSense allows tracking total pressure or energy, peak pressures and shear forces under the foot.

Shoe Insole Sensor - Pressure, Shear Force, 9DOF

Extend with Activity or Temperature Measurements

For specific applications also other vital signs can be added. Adding an activity sensor can provide activity, but also information about how often an orthopedic shoes is actually used or exact angles the foot makes. Measuring temperature under the foot at one or multiple locations can give a temperature grid to identify potential inflammations at an early stage.

Shoe Insole Sensor - Temperature Distribution



  • Rehabilitation: track patients after bone fractures or knee or hip replacements
  • Orthopedic Shoes: track time shoes are used, activity and pressures
  • Diabetic patients: track shear forces leading to inflammations, possibilities to monitor temperature at multiple locations under the foot to detect upcoming inflammations at an early stage
  • Sports: cycling, running

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