Medical & Rehabilitation wearables

Medical wearables for e-health, home rehabilitation and clinical applications

2M creates medical wearables for a wide range of applications. Together with our partners we turn ideas into realize practical solutions that meet requirements of medical professionals and useability criteria of patients.

Medical wearables set a new standard in continuous real-time monitoring as patients travel through the full care cycle. Wearable devices allow for mobile and simple patient monitoring within the hospital, during transport and after discharge at home for training and rehabilitation purposes.

Examples of medical wearables

The examples below contain a mix of medically certified products, prototypes ready for OEM/ODM transfer and non-medical products with standard CE product certification depending on the exact application.

Wearable health patch

Wearable Health Patch Technology Reusable Data Recorder / Wireless Streamer Disposable Dry Electrode Patch Sports, military and medical applications 2M creates wearable health patches for…

Medical health scanner

Quick health scan combining temperature, ECG, SPO2 and heart sound 2M has created various prototype devices being designed for people to measure a number of physiological parameters:…