Early Cancer Detection Using Lasers

Early Cancer Detection Using Photonic Crystal Lasers (EDOCAL)

The EDOCAL project is being funded by the 7 th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development, grant agreement number 231993, by the European Union.

Evidence Based Early Detection Of Cancer

Early cancer detection

Early cancer detection can greatly benefit thousands of people worldwide. Globally there are 24.6 million people living with cancer. By 2020 there will be over 30 million. The burden of cancer can be reduced by systematic and equitable implementation of evidence based strategies for early cancer detection, prevention and management of patients suffering from cancer.

Breakthrough Using Semiconductor Laser & Imaging Technology

The aim of the EDOCAL project is to create a breakthrough tool for early detection of cancerous cells by combining state of the art laser and imaging technology with leading medical research.  It combines advanced, proven, low cost telecom and state of the art semiconductor technologies with the latest advances and insights into medical procedures provided by the RTD partners.

Leading Medical Cancer Research & SMEs Working Together

Expertise from both medical and technological side are enabling the creation of such an innovative product that can be used for first line cancer detection. This will make early cancer detection more accessible to more people all over the world. It will enable people to become more proactive in the global battle against cancer.

There are five partners in the consortium. Two RTDS and three SMEs including 2M Engineering. We combine our technical expertise and innovative product development with our partners abilities to provide the best product possible. By conducting the project in this way years of expertise in this area of technology and also medical research and practice will be utilized to provide a highly valuable, ground breaking result. EDOCAL‘s underlying technology platform will also be applicable for future medical diagnostic solutions. An example of this can include the non-invasive glucose monitoring device. For this project however the single focus of  EDOCAL is to create an early cancer detection tool, the Photonic Cancer Detector (PCD).

Early cancer detection