Innovation & Research

2M Engineering is a research performing SME and open to be your high-tech R&D partner for sensor product creation. Each year we dedicate a significant part of our turnover to R&D activities. 2M turns envisioned medical and industrial problems into high-quality and easy to use solutions and products. 2M works as a bridge between application and technology. Our challenge is always to find the best compromise between technology, manufacturability and user benefit.

2M’s focus areas

  • Medical devices

  • Wearables

  • Industrial IoT sensors

High-Tech R&D Partner for Sensor Products & Solutions

As sensor experts we have a broad overview of available technologies, but also the ability to create completely new sensors (technologies) if needed. We believe in fast prototyping, testing, learning and improving with real users in the real context during all development stages.

Open for new partnerships

We have an (inter)national network of research organizations, universities and hospitals and are always open to participate in and explore new opportunities where there is a need for a strong and reliable research and development partner for sensor products like H2020, SME Instrument or Eurostars.

High-Tech R&D Partner for Sensor Products
2M located close to Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Our added value to your research

Turn ideas into prototypes

Do you have an idea that you want to test with real users in real-life situations? 

We can turn ideas into fully functional prototypes fast and with low risk by leveraging our broad and modular technology base.

Measurement setups & solutions

In need of a practical measurement setup for your organization, research or clinical study?

2M provides complete practical to use end-2-end measurement solutions for a wide range of applications. Including creation of biomedical signal processing and algorithms.

Complete product creation

Interested in creation of a complete new product? 

2M is experienced in (complex) (sensor) product creation. We create stable, accurate sensing solutions that perform well in real-life situations. 2M also handles industrialization, certification and production if needed.

Application centric

Our research & development activities are focused around the following application areas:

  • Medical solutions & devices
  • Industrial & IoT solutions
  • Sports & e-health applications

The common theme: 2M creates sensing products and solutions.

We start by really and truly understanding the envisioned. Where is the solution used, who will use it, what problem does it solve? Is that the real problem? Once we fully understand the use case(s) we will check the technical feasibility and if it fits 2M’s capabilities.

Depending on project ambitions, and available funding our long-term ambition is always to bring new ideas to prototype or preferably product level. This is typically a journey that takes longer than originally anticipated. We therefore strive for long-term relationships that do justice to each other’s interests.



  • Blood diagnostics and other bodily fluids
  • Cancer detection
  • Multi-sensor wearables including ECG patches
  • Rehabilitation medicine including stroke rehabilitation
  • Activity monitoring & 9DOF motion monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Baby monitoring using printed electronics
  • Blood pressure


  • Sensors for oil & gas industry (wear, tear, pressure, temperature)
  • Fluid sensors (speed, filling, …) for IoT water management


  • Activity monitoring
  • Tracking and tracing of goods and people


  • Soccer
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

Experienced in industrial & medical device certification

2M has extensive knowhow of industrial ATEX certification and medical device certification (CE-IVD, 1m, 2a, 2b). With current changes in (medical) certification and regulatory requirements it is important to take certification and risk management already in consideration early during product research & development.

2M can assist or take the complete responsibility in quality management systems, product certification and regulatory from early stage up to commercial product. In our network we have companies that are certified for development, production, marketing and sales.  One example of such an organization is Dutch Medical Devices.

Breakthrough technologies

2M has a continuous interest in exploring and creating new technologies that have the potential to become essential building blocks for next generations products. 2M is always open to jointly explore new technology innovations in the following areas:

  • New sensor principles
  • Connectivity and wireless technologies
  • Printed, flexible and textile electronics
  • Smart algorithms and signal processing
  • New photonics and optical sensor technologies
  • Microfluidics and MEMs sensors

However ideas come from many direction, so we are always open to learn about your ideas. 

What we bring

  • Broad overview and state of the art knowhow on sensors and sensing principles
  • Experienced in (complex) product creation
  • Application knowhow in the various domains 2M is active in
  • Ability to incorporate & merge breakthrough technologies with existing manufacturing techniques resulting in practical solutions
  • Industrial & medical device certification knowhow including RF testing, regulatory and quality management systems.
  • Industrialization, production and product assembly (depending on clients requirements. Specialized in small and midsize series (up to 20k pcs), larger series via partners.
  • Experienced to work in an international context with research, medical and commercial organizations of various sizes
  • We can facilitate in all development phases:
    • Concept enrichment & testing
    • Proof of concept creation
    • Prototype creation for industrial, research and clinical research
    • Product creation
    • Commercialization: jointly look for best ways
  • Long term commitment to research & development
  • Strong ambition to turn research concepts and ideas into product solutions that truly benefit people and organizations

2M offers complete connected solutions including web/app/cloud, but our focus in on the smart sensing hardware product, including the required biomedical signal processing and (embedded device) software.

Examples of R&D cases

A number of research & development recent Research & Development projects can be found in our cases.

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Creating a win-win

Different stakeholders often have different interests and drivers in a project. We are experienced in creating solutions that secures each stakeholders interest. Within a project / consortium we strive for complementary skills so that responsibilities are clear and there are no conflicts of interest. We believe this benefits open communication and real teamwork striving for the best possible results for everybody.

Contact us for new Research & Development projects

Looking for a quality high-tech R&D partner for sensor products in your new R&D project? Contact 2M to explore if we can turn the idea into a win-win. We have a solid R&D track record on national and European R&D projects (Interreg, Eurostars, H2020).