Industrialisation & Production

Small to medium sized series

Industrialisation and production are critical stages in the product development process, where prototypes are transformed into scalable, high-quality products. At 2M Engineering, we offer comprehensive industrialisation and production services, ensuring efficient manufacturing, rigorous quality control, and timely delivery, ultimately bringing your innovative ideas to life on a commercial scale. We are specialised in small series to medium sized (upto 10k pcs) series. For larger product volumes we can assist to transfer production.


Industrialization is a crucial phase in the product development process as it ensures the consistent production of high-quality products after the prototype stage. During this phase, rigorous testing and validation procedures are implemented to ensure that each product meets the required specifications and functions reliably. Additionally, the mechanical or mechatronic aspects of the product are optimized for mass production, with a focus on transitioning from prototype-level manufacturing to industrial-scale processes such as injection molding or production-grade metalworks. This meticulous attention to detail in the industrialization phase is essential for achieving consistent quality and successful commercialization of the product.


We firmly advocate for local production, both for initial production runs and larger-scale manufacturing. At 2M Engineering, we have production facilities located in the Eindhoven region, Belgium, and Germany, ensuring proximity to our clients and streamlined operations. With advancements in technology and efficient processes, the cost differences between local production and offshore options, such as China, have significantly reduced.

By choosing local production, you benefit from enhanced asset protection, faster learning cycles, and the ability to implement improvements swiftly. Our comprehensive production services cover everything from small-batch production in-house to larger volume manufacturing. These services are seamlessly integrated with our development and certification capabilities, offering a holistic solution for your product journey.