Smart City Water System nominated for innovation price

We have been nominated!

Smart City Water System is a sensor system that continuously measures various parameters of the water in a sewerage pipe and one of the four nominated innovative solution by Stichting Rioned.

This development is done together with iSago, Ireckon BV, SMS Metaal Service BV, Kanters BV and Ziut and is made possible by the European fund for regional development Op Zuid.

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Smart City Water System nominated
Smart City Water System nominated for innovation price2019-07-31T14:59:58+01:00

Connected sewerage water level sensor

2M and iSago team up to develop connected sewerage water level sensor for better city water management

Smart distributed sensor technology that continuously measures various water parameters and sends this to a central cloud location where it can be used to do big data analysis, will give insights not possible today. These insights start with a connected sewerage water level sensor and will lead to a better design of city water management and quicker more adequate responses in case of emergency.

Zero maintainance sensor solutions

Idea is to create an easy to install, zero maintenance and affordable connected sewerage water level sensor that also measures a number of other relevant water parameters and sends this information to a central server. The system needs to be self-powered and wirelessly connected using LoRa technology.

Challenges – accurate and robust over time under harsh conditions

Challenge is to design a sensor that can withstand the aggressive environment present in […]

Connected sewerage water level sensor2016-03-07T16:57:21+01:00

Brabants hightechbedrijf krijgt Eurostarssteun voor slimme leidingafdichtingen (Dutch)

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Gas, olie, water: ze worden vervoerd per pijpleiding. Waar leidingen aan elkaar verbonden zijn, kan lekkage ontstaan. Met als gevolg verspilling en soms gevaarlijke situaties. Het Nederlandse 2M Engineering en Schotse CST Global ontwikkelen nu verbindingsstukken die hun eigen slijtage monitoren en alarm slaan als het misgaat. Ze krijgen steun uit het Europese Eurostarsprogramma.

2M Engineering ontwikkelt hightech producten voor de medische sector en industrie. “Wij kiezen voor technologieën die een uitdaging zijn om te ontwikkelen en bij voorkeur bijdragen aan de maatschappij”, zegt eigenaar Gillian Mimnagh. Onlangs werd 2M Engineering benaderd door zakenpartner CSTG uit Glasgow, een bedrijf dat lasers maakt. “Het wilde olie- en gasleidingverbindingen maken die hun eigen slijtage monitoren. Omdat wij ervaring hebben met soortgelijke technologieën in de olie- en […]

Brabants hightechbedrijf krijgt Eurostarssteun voor slimme leidingafdichtingen (Dutch)2017-08-29T10:30:25+01:00

2M receives Eurostars funding for IGGOA project

The IGGOA project (Intelligent Gasket for Gas and Oil Applications) will exploit pre-existing IP to realize an intelligent gasket which monitors and self diagnoses wear and misfit prior to failure in safety critical pipework installations. Initial products will address high-value solutions in the oil and gas segment of a $30B global industry.

2M receives Eurostars funding for IGGOA project2013-07-26T16:26:44+01:00

2M joins Dutch Photonics

Dutch Photonics is a central information point aiming at bringing individuals, companies and institutions, both national and international, in the photonics field together and stimulating offers amongst others an overview of:

  • 92 company profiles of Dutch companies and institutions
  • (Inter)national events
  • Trainings, courses and education
  • Roadmap IOP Photonic Devices
  • IOP Projects
  • News items
2M joins Dutch Photonics2017-08-29T10:30:28+01:00

2M to develop next generation gsm module for Samsung

2M has agreed a partnership with a Korean company to develop a new module for the next generation of mobile phones. The launching customer for the new module will be Samsung Electronics in Korea. The R&D is supported by a grant from the Dutch government (

2M to develop next generation gsm module for Samsung2013-07-26T16:35:54+01:00

Shell adopts 2M industrial sensors

On November 20th, a team of engineers from Thomassen Compression Systems, supported by 2M installed the first series of wear sensors at the NAM in Rotterdam. The sensors will measure the wear and tear in the compressor and can be used to optimise the maintenance planning.

Shell adopts 2M industrial sensors2013-08-01T09:19:23+01:00

2M Engineering receives KEMA certification for the industrial wear sensor

The KEMA has certified the industrial wear sensor of 2M Engineering. This sensor accurately measures tear and wear within large compressor systems, providing a breakthrough reduction of service and maintainance costs. First products have been delivered to Thomassen Compression Systems, with further production ramp up scheduled for 2009.

2M Engineering receives KEMA certification for the industrial wear sensor2013-08-01T09:21:52+01:00

Sales of Rapid Reflow Oven starts

NXP Semiconductor ordered the first Rapid Reflow Oven developed and produced by 2M Engineering ltd. The Rapid Reflow Oven is designed for ultra short temperature transition times and high temperature stability, over its full range from 25-500°C. This makes the Rapid Reflow Oven the ideal platform for high temperature solder applications like gold tin, gold germanium and gold silicon, curing of temperature based glues and many other applications.
More information on the Rapid Reflow Oven..

Sales of Rapid Reflow Oven starts2017-08-29T10:30:28+01:00