Services & Competences

Driving Innovation Through our comprehensive product creation services

At 2M, we are experts in creating cutting-edge smart sensing solutions that propel innovation in various industries. Our services encompass a wide range of offerings, from providing one-time consultancy or development projects to delivering full end-to-end product creation solutions.

With our deep expertise and experience, we excel in every phase of the product development process. Whether you require conceptualization, design, prototyping, industrialization, certification, or production, we have the capabilities to deliver exceptional results.

We take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients, as we believe in fostering collaborative partnerships that drive continuous improvement and mutual success. By understanding your unique needs and objectives, we work closely with you to ensure that our solutions align perfectly with your vision.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond product creation. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive services that cover the entire lifecycle of your product, from initial ideation to commercialization. With our extensive network of partners and resources, we have the capacity to support you in scaling your production and navigating the complexities of certification and regulatory requirements.

Partner with 2M to unlock your product’s full potential and benefit from our expertise in creating innovative smart sensing solutions. Together, we will embark on a journey of success, driving forward your organization’s growth and amplifying your impact in the market.

Enhancing new product concepts

Together with you we try to understand what your minimal viable product is and the underlying use cases. The part that adds true value addressing a clear problem.

At 2M, we excel at understanding your product’s core essence, identifying its unique value proposition, and translating it into the best technical solution. From concept to reality, we leverage existing and new building blocks to bring your vision to life.

Generate Intellectual Property

We investigate patent positions of existing products to see if and where there is room to operate. 

Creation of new (patentable) ideas during brainstorms and product and function developments. 

Demonstrate technical feasibility

Create a functional demonstrator of the product concept to prove and demonstrate the technical feasibility of the solution. Focus is initially on getting the core measurement function right.

Risk, product and project cost and planning can better be estimated when the the technical feasibility is proven. 

Create prototypes

We create prototypes based on user requirement specifications [URS], which we can also help to create.

Typically we create prototypes in two rounds: create alpha prototype > user testing > create beta prototype. Go/nogo decision to turn the prototype into product based on user, client and/or  business feedback.

Prototypes are often used for research and clinical studies.


Turn the prototype into a manufacturable solution. This includes all preparation steps for manufacturing including test tools, tooling creation, production processes and documentation.

Medical & Certification


Turn the prototype into a manufacturable solution. This includes all preparation steps for manufacturing including test tools, tooling creation, production processes and documentation.

Production & Assembly

2M has no own production which keeps us flexible. We work with a selected number of trusted production & assemble houses that can handle, small, midsize or large quantities. Other arrangements are also possible.

For small and midsize volumes 2M also assembles products.

Technical (innovation) support

We help companies by taking over the responsibility  for (parts of) their innovation and technical product development. The benefits are always state of the art technical knowhow, flexibility and lower costs and risks so that our clients can stay focussed on the business.


2M works in modular blocks and architectures for most building blocks like hardware, software and signal processing. Based on the existing platforms and building blocks its fast, low riks and cost effective to create your own products and solutions.

Project & Product Management

2M is experienced in project & product management and leading and executing complex projects with various national and international public and private organizations.

Application Focus Areas

Wearable Medical Sensors

Extremely low power and small size wearable sensors. Optimized for one or multiple vital signs. Including data processing, storage and connectivity. Also OEM/ODM.

Point of Care Devices

Innovative Point of Care diagnostic devices for biomarker measurements. Make diagnosis and therapy faster, easier, more accessible, and more cost effective.

Internet of Things

We create new IoT solutions mostly for industrial applications. Sensors are the eyes and ears of most big data system. Due to changing requirements there is plenty of opportunity for meaningful innovation.

Photonic Tissue Sensing

2M is active in various projects in early cancer detection using various optical technologies. We believe photonic sensing techniques have unmatched future potential.

Printed & Textile Electronics

Printed and textile electronics is a long held promise. We work closely together with a number of organizations in this field and combine the strengths of different worlds to turn it into real solutions.

Industrial Sensors Solutions

Accurate measurements in rough and challenging environments with high-temperatures, pressures and aggressive chemicals. 2M has a track-record in creating such industrial solutions.

Activity & Motion Tracking

2M is expert in ambulatory activity and 9DOF motion tracking solutions for various e-health, sport and medical applications. Real-time feedback. Rehabilitation training and gaming at home.

Sleep Sensing

2M has over the years gained a lot of knowledge of sensing various signs during sleep. Experienced in measuring in/out bed detection, movements, breathing rate, heart rate or other signals. 

Technical Competences

Biomedical & Algorithms

Biomedical expertise, bodily fluids. Translate environmental, human and industrial parameters into meaningful information and solutions. Signal processing and advanced algorithm development. 

Advanced Sensors

Use state-of-the-art sensor technology & principles or develop custom sensors. Turn raw sensor data into useful information.

Analog & Digital Electronics

Printed and flex circuit board design, realization and testing.
Printed and textile electronics. High-Speed, ASIC design. 


Experienced in wireless creation & certification (a.o. LORA, WIFI, 4G, LTE-M, Bluetooth & BLE, RFID, 4G, RFID…) and wired connectivity. Also custom / integrated antenna design. 

Photonic & Laser Techniques

Focus on using state-of-the-art opto-electronics and photonics sensing (like RAMAN) techniques for industrial and medical applications.
Development of custom lasers, fiber-optics and photonic sensing techniques if required.


Create complete end 2 end software & embedded algorithms for the (sensor) products we create (we support most microcontroller platforms). 
PC based software tools and applications.


Design, realize and test (custom) mechanical sensor design.
Technical product design, rapid prototyping (3D printing) for prototypes  and injection molding for products.

Product & UI Design

In partnerships with experienced design agencies.

Web / app / cloud

Partnerships with experienced technical software houses.