Environmental IoT Sensor development

2M creates high-tech environmental IoT sensor solutions that lead to a healthier, cleaner and more durable world. 2M creates standalone environmental sensor solutions and Internet connected IoT solutions. 2M’s focus is on creating breakthrough innovations in the hardware and sensors of these solutions. 

We start by understanding what information a client needs and the possible technical solution to realize this using our unique skills in sensors and measurement technology. Together with the client we provide creative and practical solutions during the entire process from idea to product.

Our capabilities

  • Measure optical, mechanical, physical or chemical parameters with high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Measure in harsh environments: exposure to aggressive materials, extreme dynamic or static conditions.
  • Improve throughput times, yield or reduce service expenses.
  • Have a proven track record within the gas and oil industry.


Environmental IoT Sensor solutions

Environmental sensors

Environmental sensors are connected objects capable of providing various types of information: location, position, the individual’s movements and contextual elements which can be compared to data collected via sensors embedded on or implanted in the individual, including the validation of alarms, like in the case of falls.

High-Tech Environmental sensor Development

2M’s focus is on providing breakthrough innovations in the field of environmental sensors using its sensor development capabilities. We create practical new sensor solutions for real problems and challenges in the field. We start with the requirements of our clients and come up with the best possible technical sensing solution.

2M has extensive expertise with environmental sensor development based on our extensive sensor and product realization knowhow.  This allows us to quickly come up with a solution and proof technical feasibility.

  • Measurement solutions for (aggressive) fluids & gasses
  • Innovative sensor solutions for unmet needs and objects
  • Low-cost IoT solutions for large infrastructures and installations
  • Water management and agro food
Smart water sensor
Example Smart Cities water sensor for waste water
  • Measure flow, filling, temperature, vibrations, pH
  • Created and field tested alpha prototypes
  • Work towards a reliable beta prototype system
  • Withstands challenges of wastewater environment
  • Commercialization by business partner