Projects currently under development

2M works with modular platforms of sensors, hardware and software. New functions are added everyday. This way of working allows us to turn new ideas and applications quickly into functional prototypes for user and market testing. We strive to create prototypes with product qualities early in the development process so that going into production is smooth and effortless. Here you find a number of projects currently under development.

Finding the essence

One of the hardest parts of innovative product development is to focus only on the parts of your product that add real value to your users. Value that users are willing to pay for. 2M is skilled in bringing that focus into new ideas. This makes product development faster, cheaper and often results in better products.

Making your dreams reality

2M develops complete solutions, including certification and production. We are experienced from small series to large volume production. We are used to work in an international context working with both small startup and large companies, academic and research institutes and organizations. Contact to find out if we can turn your ideas into real products.

Overview of current development projects