Application Development

Merging technology & application into a volume producible solution

Over the years 2M build up in depth experience with a large number of different sensor, hardware, (embedded) software and signal processing building blocks. This basket of technologies is still expanding everyday. The practical experience 2M has with this wide variety of building blocks enables us to quickly turn new ideas or applications into prototypes or products. Prototypes and products that can be mass produced without major redesigns. Besides the shorter throughput times, the most important benefit is that these modules are already thoroughly tested in real-life situations reducing risk and allowing our clients and 2M to focus on the value added, customer specific features and the core of the application.

Minimal viable product

When 2M is approached by potential new clients, we always would like to understand the application and the problem it solves. We work together with the client to sharpen the value proposition and get to the core of the application or innovation, so that only the so-called minimal viable product remains. Developing the minimal viable product first, brings focus in the development project and the end product. This results, in our minds, in better solutions with minimal amount of feature creep.

Idea for a new product?

Contact us to see what is already available on our shelves and if our technologies and manufacturing partners can offer a complete solution for you. This will save you time and money. Based on our experience we can also point you into the right directions to find additional funding. 2M is based in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands. We are used to work in an international context working with both small and large companies, academic and research institutes and organizations.