Little Brothers – Stress Monitoring At Home & On The Go

Together with the TU Eindhoven 2M Engineering will participate on the Discovery Festival Friday 27 September 2013.

What is this project about?

Did you always want to help science and have fun at the same time? This is your chance! We want to do research about stress and we need you to help us with this. We have some fun, but very stressful tests we want you to do. You can do a reaction test and can take a ride on our virtual rollercoaster. To investigate how stressed you get from these tests (or how relaxed you stay) we do some simple physical measurements. At the end you get the results of how stressed you were and we hope to learn more about the physical response of the body to stress.

Benefits and disadvantages for the participants

The benefits of the test are that you get insight in how your body responds to various […]

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