Concept & Prototype Creation

Use cases, intended use and product requirements

2M is experienced in translating new ideas and applications in concepts, prototypes and products. Together with the client we clarify and sharpen the use case, intended use and write the user and product requirement specifications. This way the end-product is already clear from the beginning of the development cycle.

Extensive Technology Base

2M has over the years build up extensive experience and expertise with a wide variety of sensors, products and technologies. This allows us to advice and come with what we think is the best technological solution for a given application. Together with the client we try to make the best possible product that solves the problem in the market using the most appropriate technology.

Home rehabilitation motion sensor suit

Proof of Concept & Prototype Creation

2M are foremost builders. After initial definition and clarification of the envisioned product we are strong believers in actually building and creating it. Step by step translating a new idea into a proof of concept and step by step towards functional prototypes that can be tested by user and further fine tuned. We have a team of engineers that is skilled to quickly turn ideas into practical solutions.

When you start to build the challenges that technology offers surface immediately so that already early in your development stage potential technological risk are known and can be addressed.