BedSense – Sleep / Bed sensor platform

Innovative sleep monitoring solutions

2M created a bed sensor for monitoring a number of  biosignals signals. This bed sensor forms the basis for new customized sleep sensor solutions. 

OEM/ODM bed sensor development

Based on your specifications we can create a custom product for your specific application. We can quickly assess technical feasibility of new ideas based on our experience and expertise in this field. 2M can do the CE certification and production so that you can focus on business, marketing and sales.

Bed Sensor Monitoring
BedSense OEM bed sensor monitoring solution

Contactless sleep monitoring

We have learned that for prolonged bed sensor use it is essential that the user does not feel the sensor at all. Therefore in most cases we prefer to place the bed sensor under the mattress.

Full integration in mattresses, chairs etc.

These bedsensors can also be fully integrated in a mattress. The same technology can also be integrated in cushions, toppers, chairs or couches. This provides information on use, movement and in many cases breathing rate and heart rate.

Smart algorithms

The quality of the bed sensor output is, besides the extremely sensitive sensing technology, determined by the quality of the signal processing algorithms.

Over the years we have build up our expertise on what works and what not. This enables us to create new contactless bed sensor solutions, that work reliably under most conditions.

Application areas

Our focus application areas are on professional application that demand accuracy and reliability of signal output.


Consumer solutions to provide insights on how people sleep. Sleep duration, in/out bed detection, movement during sleep, breathing rate and heart rate.

Sport  / Performance

Use of the bed sensor signals to optimise sleep for better sport or mental performance. 


Medical / rehabilitation

Insight in bed occupancy, detect in/out bed events, general insight in sleep /anxiety / stress behaviour in hospital and rehabilitation settings. 

We provide solutions that do realtime streaming, store data or alert in case of specific events.  

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Starting point for new OEM product developments

100% Contactless

Placement under or integrated in a mattress or cushion. Minimize disturbance for the patient also over long measurement times.

Consumer & professional use

Use in medical and (semi) medical application. Robust durable and cleanable design.

Motion biosignals

The bedsensor can provide amongst other provide information on:

  • In/Out bed detection
  • Movement / motion / anxiety during sleep
  • Breathing rate
  • Heart rate
  • Bed presence

Custom products

The complete product can be customised for specific applications:

  • Product design
  • Signal processing algorithms
  • Wireless / wired connectivity
  • Additional sensors like integrated textile FSR arrays for sleep position tracking.

Clinical research access

Over the years we have build up a wide network of clinical and research partners to quickly verify and validate new applications against professional polysomnography sleep monitoring solutions.  

2M Bedsensor

Bed sensor demonstrator kit

2M can provide the BS100 bed sensor demonstrator kit for evaluation of performance or first assessment of technical feasibility of new concepts.

We can deliver single units or small series for first investigations, field trials or research studies.

BedSense OEM bed sensor monitoring solution


  • Life streaming or data storage
  • Raw, processed data or event based output

Physiological signals

  • Internal sample frequency – 250 sps
  • Bed in/out detection
  • Bed occupancy
  • Breathing Rate
  • Heart Rate – average of last 10 beats
  • Others – on request


  • Battery or external power adapter



  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Zigbee
  • Others on request (LTE-M, 5G, WIFI, etc)


  • USB / UART
  • Module: SPI, I2C
  • Others on request

User Interface

  • Power on/off button.
  • LED indicator – RGB (power on/off, Bluetooth connect, etc.)

PC demo application

  • Visualise and store measurement data.
  • Integration in other platforms and API on request.

Bed Sensor – high-level architecture

Bed Sensor demonstrator

Experienced in bed sensor technology

2M has been active in sleep sensing measurement principles and algorithm development for a number of years. From the various medical research projects we selected the best technologies from a sensing, pricing and production perspective.
We have experience with optical microbending, piezo & accelerometer based bed sensor and force sensing resistors (FSR) that depending on the application can work stand alone or in combination if the application requires. 
We have build and perfected the required algorithms to turn raw BCG data into useful information and features. 
Furthermore we have gained quite some practical experience and can quickly evaluate what will work and what not. We have a number of bed structures and mattresses that we can use for quick testing and prototyping a wide range of applications.

Bed Sensor based on optical microbending

We have gained quite some experience in optical microbending solutions for non-contact measurement of a number of patient parameters. 

See our optical sleep sensors for more information…

BedSense -Minimal Intrusive Sleep Monitoring Solutions
Optical fiber technology

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