NODES – 9DOF Motion Suit for VR rehabilitation gaming

Human motion tracking using IMUs Nodes is a motion capture system intended for medical/research purposes to measure and record the orientation of human body segments. When the system is placed on a body segment, it estimates its orientation in the 3D space and the motor skills parameters related to the examined body part can be …

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Motion sensing for stroke rehabilitation at home

Better & faster stroke recovery at home with improved motor performance of paretic limbs Most of the patients having suffered a stroke undergo a period of intense training in a rehabilitation clinic before they can return home. During therapy, they learn how to use paretic limbs in an optimal way enabling them to live independently …

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A8200 9DOF Motion Logger (Acc, Gyro, Magneto)

9DOF IMU for raw data motion tracking A8200 9DOF Motion Logger is a recording solution for capturing raw sensor values. The device measures acceleration, angular speed, the earth magnetic field and altitude with sample rates upto 250 sps. Raw values are stored on a micro SD-card. The motion logger is the ideal starting point for …

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