2M awarded SBIR grant to develop new non-invasive glucose monitor

We are happy to announce that 2M has been awarded an SBIR grant for the development of a new device for non-invasive glucose monitoring for diabetic patients. Development of the product is underway, using unique lasers developed by 2M as part of the detection system. The product is planned to be ready for clinical validation in June 2013.

Purpose of glucose monitoring is to reveal individual patterns of blood glucose changes, and helps in the planning of meals, activities, and at what time of day to take medications.Also, testing allows for quick response to high blood sugar or low blood sugar. This might include diet adjustments, exercise, and insulin (as instructed by the health care provider). Non-invasive glucose monitoring will free the person with diabetes from finger sticks to supply the drop of blood for blood glucose analysis. 2M has planned at a later stage to also provide based on the same platform to deliver a continuous glucose monitoring methods offering the advantage of providing additional information to the subject between the conventional finger stick, blood glucose measurements and over time periods where no finger stick measurements are available.
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