2M participates in Nano4Sports innovation project

Nano4Sports – Sport better, safer, more and for life

Technological innovations have a huge impact on the way we exercise and move, and how we feel about ourselves. Nano4Sports uses sensor technology to develop smart innovative solutions that allow us to sport better, safer, more and for life.

More information: www.nano4sports.eu

BRIDGES – the bridge between sensors and application

In practice it is often difficult to bring together raw sensor data from different sources and different sensor devices in a platform that can be worked on in a simple way by motion scientists who are mainly involved in the application. BRIDGES offers a solution to this problem. Initially, BRIDGES focuses on the running application.

BRIDGES offers practical tools and an environment for preprocessing and signal processing of sensor data, allowing motion scientists to focus on application development.

Collaboration with Nano4Sports partner: Tue, Fontys, imec NL

9DOF Motion Suit for Sports