Industrial Sensor Development

2M Engineering industrial sensor development covers inventing,  developing, manufacturing and certifying accurate measurement systems for industrial installations. Our industrial solutions are build to operate under extreme industrial conditions reliably. We are familiar and have experience with a wide range of measurement and sensing techniques, build of years of experience within this field. This allows us to assess a problem fast and come when possible with a practical solution turning an unquantified physical parameter into a measurable, controllable unit. This can improve machine up time, faster throughput time, increased safety or reduced service costs.

Sensor Solutions That Work Under Extreme Conditions

2M Engineering provides real time, accurate and reliable measurement of process or device parameters under extreme and harsh conditions. Industrial sensors solve the needs of many sensing applications around the world, winning the utmost in satisfaction and trust from our customers.


2M Engineering develops innovative industrial sensor systems that:

  • Measure optical, mechanical, physical or chemical parameters with high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Measure under harsh environments: exposure to aggressive materials, extreme dynamic or static conditions.
  • Improve throughput times, yield or reduce service expenses.
  • Proven track record within the gas and oil industry.

Sensing Principles

  • Optical & Laser Based Sensing
  • Capacitive & Eddy Current Sensing
  • Resistive Sensing
  • Chemical, Fluid, Gass, Air Sensing
  • Multi-Sensor Systems

Industrial Sensor Development